About Us

Welcome to InnoLife Science, a digital news channel for startups and small (less then 2M€ in turnaround) life science companies in Scandinavia.

The aim of InnoLife Science is to present the latest news, insights and analyses to investors, business angels and bigger companies, interested to follow, invest in, or maybe acquire, new innovative life science companies.

We’ve started a limited edition covering initially pharma and digital health, to be extended with new fields in the future.

Already you can look for categorized news about life science companies in the menu above.

Contact us at contact@innolifescience.com if you have inquiries about this site. Registration (and ditto login) is currently by invitation only. Analyses are done per customer.

The InnoLife Science Team

Ulrica Branning, editor InnoLife Science
Project manager, Co-founder InnoLife Science – Project manger, GH Informatics AB
Former account manager, Coach-o-Matic
Former Sales- and market manager Take Good Care Communication AB

Martin Stenström, PhD in medical science, analyst InnoLife Science
Researcher, Active Biotech Research AB

Anders Borg, B.Sc.EE, IT Innolife Science
Owner of Abiro AB that provides consulting and products in the areas of IoT, machine learning, e-health, mobile and web
Former co-owner of MM3 AB, Mobile Labs Sweden AB, Trivendia Sweden AB
Former business developer, product manager, Obigo AB / Teleca AB
Former CTO, business developer, developer, Axis AB

Olof Jarlman, MD, PhD, Associate professor, analyst Innolife Science
Owner GH Informatics AB
Owner Areola AB
Owner Jarlman AB
Former Chief Medical Officer digital health/telemedicine Region Scania, Sweden