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The company Jaisy from STING Incubator, Stockholm, Sweden has developed a low cost but highly accurate solution for non-invasive jaundice detection and measurement .Their solution is a cost effective non-invasive device with the ability to be widely spread and used by any clinic in the world and also affordable by any rural community and private individuals.
The company BioReperia from LEAD Inkubator, Linköping, Sweden, offers a humanized sebra-fish model for precision medicine. Many drugs fail at late stages of development due to efficacy or toxicity issues. The BioReperia model can be used to determine the efficiacy or toxicity of a drug candidate.
The company Alzinova AB from GU Innovation, Gothenburg, Sweden, conducts research and development of a long acting drug for treatment and prevention of Alzheimer´s disease. The company has a patented technology, a proprietary AβCC peptide™, that enables Alzinova to explore novel therapeutic strategies and develop research tools that enhance productivity within Alzheimer's disease research.
The company CMRadiology from Karolinska Innovation, Stockholm, Sweden. with their service Collective Minds Radiology® is a cloud-based radiology service for collaboration decision support and consultations, based on the combination of human- and artificial intelligence. With CMRadiology, professionals around the world can share cases with other experts and build personal reference libraries.
Dossier from Norway offers a complete learning environment that organizes and documents learning, skills and experience effectively, ensuring operational quality and patient safety. This includes On-the-Job-Training, procedures, e-learning and certifications, as well as end-user introductions to complex digital solutions like EMR/HER and medical devices. The company assist more than 350 000 healthcare professionals across the Nordics in reducing time spent...
Compentencer AB from Stockholm, Sweden, offers an interactive multi-communication platform between patients and healthcare for prevention, treatment and well-being in areas such as mental health and diet.The platform is also used in primary care in Stockholm.
Ballast CPH from Copenhagen has developed an Augmented Reality-app that tcan show three different kinds of low vision solutions that can be used as a part of simulation - courses, education, workshops or teambuilding activities. The customers are public- and private companies in elderly care and primary care
The company Finn Medicinen AB from the incubator Medeon, Malmoe, Sweden, digitalizes the medicine intake with a product – “The Dosebook” -  that support to correct and safe medicines management at home for patients with chronic illness. ”The Dosebook” - transforms a traditional pillbox to a discrete connected book, which automatically registers, reminds and tracks all medicine intake.
CiCADA Health AB, a start up at Ideon Science Park, Lund, Sweden, is one of the happy winners of the Ideon Stipend of 25 000 SEK. By using structured data and AI the company optimizes the medical follow up after childhood cancer. “CiCADA Health has in an exemplary way used science and pre-existing knowledge and tied these together into a very...
The company Monsenso from Denmark offer a data-driven, evidence-based and cost-effective mobile health solution connecting patients with mental health- and addiction problems with healthcare professionals. The service uses remote patient monitoring and therapy support and encourage patients to engage in their treatment.
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