We Predict and Prevent Pressure Ulcers


We are a Singapore based Digital Health Deep Tech MedTech startup. We focus on predict and prevent pressure ulcer (PU) with our patent pending proprietary smart sensor patch with AI. PU is one of the Hidden & Huge Unmet Need among bedridden aging population and disabled people. PU is one of the biggest healthcare burdens in USA, UK, Netherlands, Aus. & they are spending > U$30 Billion on PU space. We are at early stage with our MVP, working prototype and informal feasibility studies. With our proprietary sensors, AI and patent pending technologies. We can Predict and Prevent Bed sores from Day 1. We develop Our VCare Predict to improve the healthcare outcomes such as reduced hospital prolong stay, reduced hospital bed occupancy rate which reduce operational cost by at least 50%. For patients, we deliver better quality of life, reduce pain, and reduce the healthcare cost. In nutshell, We will help to reduce the workload, improve productivity, reduce operational cost for Nursing Homes/Hospitals, reduce insurance claims and reduce overall cost of the healthcare space.

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