KAMU® is an evidence-based, medical-grade service for people with asthma developed with, and for, its users.


KAMU uses a specially developed spirometer that works with your smart phone. It makes monitoring your lungs simple and convenient so it’s simple to optimize your treatment, such as your use of medication, while predicting and preventing asthma symptoms.

The KAMU service is based on medical research; tracking asthma is a major step towards managing it yourself. Monitoring your condition makes it easier to work closely with your General Practitioner and, through sharing your anonymised data, to help other asthma patients in the KAMU community.

Through its user network KAMU gathers information on external factors, such as cold weather and changes in air quality, that can affect asthma. That allows us to provide alerts to you as a user so you can stay a step ahead of your condition and keep surprises to a minimum.

KAMU helps you to feel better, reducing unnecessary visits to your GP and the hospital, while alerting you early to potential problems.

And, long term, our gathering of population-level (anonymised) big data will allow for new analysis and insights into asthma trends and triggers that will speed up future research and treatments.

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