Zelluna Immunotherapy

Zelluna Immunotherapy

Zelluna Immunotherapy is a privately-owned Norwegian biopharmaceutical company
founded in 2016. The goal is to revolutionize cancer therapy by developing TCR based
immunotherapies with the potential to treat a wide range of solid tumours and patients.
Zelluna has a broad portfolio of TCRs derived from both CD4 and CD8 T cell clones. The TCRs
have been tailored by the immune system of long-term survivors and have already shown
clinical benefit. Furthermore, they have been exposed to peptide epitopes from the entire
human proteome for years without showing any off-tumour reactivity. In Adoptive Cell
Therapy (ACT), T cells are engineered to express a specific tumour targeting receptor that
recognise and kill tumour cells in the body of the patient. The potential of this approach has
been demonstrated in the successful use of genetically modified T cells in the treatment of B
cell malignancies in clinical trials and holds promise of treating patients with advanced solid


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