Smartfish from Norway is a development company building on its proprietary Emulsion
Technology. A key component of Smartfish products is fish. Smartfish research and
development focuses on Cancer, COPD, Pediatrics, Brain Health, Aging, Metabolism and
Muscle Performance. Smartfish drinks are rich in nutrients and their formulas include fish oil,
natural antioxidants, whey proteins, fibre and vitamin D. A highly regulated inflammatory
response and its timely resolution is the ideal outcome of an acute inflammatory response
essential for health. The composition of nutrients in Smartfish has shown beneficial immune-
modulating effects in several clinical studies and experiments. Due to the complex and
profound functions of DHA and EPA in the brain, positive effects have been seen in many
clinical studies on different mental health conditions in children, adults and older persons.
Smartfish is involved in many clinical trials on mental health. Results from several
experiments indicate that Smartfish formulas potentiate the effects of omega-3 compared to
standard fish oils through the enhanced production of lipid mediators from DHA and EPA.

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