World unique uterine transplant performed in Gothenburg


Last weekend, a team of researchers, lead by Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology Mats Brännström at the University of Gothenburg, performed the world’s first mother-to-daughter uterine transplant.

The transplantations are the result of more than ten years of Swedish and international research cooperation with researchers from the University of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

The hospital’s share in carrying out the project consists of granting the use of its premises for performing the operations. The research has been and will continue to be financed entirely by research funding, mainly from private research foundations. The surgical operations and the aftercare at Sahlgrenska University Hospital are entirely financed by external research funding and involve no costs for the hospital.

Press contact: Krister Svahn, Press Officer Sahlgrenska academy, University of Gothenburg +46 31 786 38 69 +46 766 18 38 69,

Ulrica Branning
Author: Ulrica Branning

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