Blue November


Prostate cancer is the largest cancer form in Norway. Still, there are no good tools that can separate the mild cancer from the aggressive. In November, the Blue Sløe action will be marked throughout the country. 

“Many do not know that prostate cancer is the biggest cancer form. About one in eight men will have proven prostate cancer throughout their lives. We hope people join and support the fight against prostate cancer, victory Bjørn Garlimo in the Prostate Cancer Society in Bergen and the surrounding area.

“Men and Cancer” at Vardesenteret

For 20 years, the Pink Ribbon Action has shown solidarity with breast-cancer women. In November last year men got a blue bow.

Three men die the day of prostate cancer in Norway. Quarterly, over 5000 Norwegians get cancerous. By 2030 it is expected that 7000 men will be framed.

At the Vardesenteret at Haukeland University Hospital, you can get information about the disease and talk to people who are affected by the disease. 

Nils Steinar Berg-Olsen received the diagnosis in 2014, and the meeting with the Vardesenter was important for him and the family. Today he is a liking person. 
“By being a living example of a cancer frame that has been helped, I may be able to be a inspirational scout for new men with cancer diagnosis,” he says.


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